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CDC Committee Minutes | Thursday, June 4, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by Dan Ticotsky, Co-Chair of the CDC.  

He asked our candidates to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion was made to adopt the Agenda by Harriet Russell and seconded by Rev. Newberry.  The motion passed.

Reverend Newberry made a motion that the CDC endorse the slate for Cincinnati School Board recommended by the Committee.  It was seconded by Roscoe Fultz.  After a brief discussion, the motion passed.

Dan then introduced the four candidates to speak to the CDC.  Ceair Baggett spoke first, then Joyce Hooks, then Lisa Share.  Cathy Ingram could not attend.

Tim Burke then spoke.  He let the CDC know that Caleb Faux’ father passed away today.  Details about arrangements will come out later.

He then let us know that there were some job openings with the Ohio Democratic Party, including a Regional Field Rep in our area.  He passed out some information about the opening, which includes contact info.

He then discussed the Precinct Consolidation and Realignment.  About 200 precincts are being consolidated from 880 to 675 for the County.  There is a real budget crunch and by doing this they will save $400,000 over the next 18 months and still provide the necessary services.  All precinct executives were sent the information.  Once the Board approves the consolidation, it will take effect for this year’s special election and the September primary and November elections.  However, there will be no impact on current precinct executives who will keep their position until the primary in 2010.  Tim answered questions regarding how the precincts were chosen.  He also indicated that Ward Chairs could suggest tweaking.

Dan then asked for volunteers to help with the business of the CDC.

Reverend Newberry wanted to commend the School Board Nominating Committee for the way the way it was conducted.

He then made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Roscoe Fultz.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.


Barbara Myers, Treasurer and Acting Secretary

CDC Executive Committee Minutes | Thursday, March 5, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:09pm by Dan Ticotsky, Co-Chair of the CDC.

In attendance; Harriett Russell, Freeman McNeal, Loyce Taylor-Page, Shawn Baker, Tim Burke, Catherine Barrett, Barb Myers, Dan Ticotsky, Denise Deitemeyer, Donald Newberry and Darren Tolliver.

Dan Ticotsky passed out the current CDC bylaws and the draft bylaws that were worked on in 2007.

He explained we were meeting to discuss two topics; the endorsement committee process and the current status of the CDC bylaws.

Denise Dietemeyer briefly explained where the former committee left off on the drafted bylaws.  The committee met several times but never came to a consensus as to what they should submit to the Executive Committee.

Barb Myers expressed her concerns about the current and revised bylaws stating that it only permits only one Chair.  She suggested that the revised bylaws be left open for a Chair and Co-Chairs.

Dan stated that the Executive Committee will vote on any revised section of the bylaws before going to a vote to the precinct executive of the CDC.  In addition, he explained, that if the Mayor would be challenged by a Democratic candidate; he suggested that the committee be neutral in an endorsement.

Discussion on current and draft bylaws pursued.  The Executive Committee agreed to use the draft version of the bylaws as a starting point for the Bylaws Committee. 

Harriett Russell made a motion to establish a Bylaws Committee.

The motion was seconded by Freeman McNeal and was approved.

Those interested in serving on the Bylaws Committee include; Freeman McNeal, Loyce Taylor-Page, Shawn Baker, Dan Ticotsky, Denise Dietemeyer and Donald Newberry.  More Cincinnati precinct executives will be appointed.

Harriett Russell made a motion that the Bylaws Committee report to Executive Committee in 4 weeks, or by Wednesday, April 1, 2009.

The motion was seconded by Dan Ticotsky and was approved.

The committee will elect a chair if so desired.

The Executive Committee will meet on this day at 7pm to review what has been completed by the committee.

Barb Myers gave the Treasurer’s report.  The CDC has $200.01 in a business account held at Fifth Third Bank.  Dan Ticotsky will be the co-signer on the account.  Barb plans on ordering checks in the near future.

Shawn Baker discussed the domain name for the CDC website.

Harriett Russell made a motion to allow Shawn to purchase the domain name and the cost not to exceed $25 to establish the website’s domain name.

The motion as seconded by Freeman McNeal and approved.

Dan Ticotsky moved the agenda to the Endorsement Committee; both for Cincinnati City Council and Cincinnati School Board.  He stated that many people are interested in serving on the Cincinnati City Council Endorsement Committee and they include:

Margo Rose
Jane Anderson
Gary Skitt
Donald Newberry
Don Ahlers
Rick Boenitsch
David Little
Beth Luken
Yolanda Miller
Sally Kristel
Jenny Edwards
Denise Dietemeyer
Tom West
Will Prost
Charles Wagner
Freeman McNeal
Tim Burke
Kathy Helmbock
Sha-Ron Wilson
Roscoe Fultz
Loyce Taylor-Page
And the elected officers of the CDC

All Officers and Vice-Chairs of the CDC will automatically be committee members.

The Executive Committee will make sure that those who serve on the committee represent a good cross section of the City of Cincinnati.

Dan Ticotsky continued the agenda to the Cincinnati School Board Endorsement Committee, those interested in serving on the committee include:

Walter Reinhaus
Paul Komarek
Donald Newberry
Charles Wagner
Sarah Gideonse
Tim Kraus
Loyce Taylor-Page
Darren Tolliver
Sha-Ron Wilson
Jane Simon
Mayor John Smith

Harriett Russell explained that we/ the endorsement committee should be strategic about school board endorsements.  She expressed that the candidates should be strong and endorsed by labor.  She offered to raise more money than the 2007 race to run another coordinated campaign.  She proposed that we send a certified letter to 4 incumbents to allow them to express interest in re-running and if they are interested in the Democratic endorsement. 

Harriett Russell requested that the candidates have petitions completed and pre-checked by the Board of Elections by June.  Harriett added that it’s important to know who is interested in running to raise enough money for a coordinated campaign.

After discussion, the Executive Committee decided against Harriett’s request.

Harriett raised the idea that we invite the 4 Democratic School Board incumbents to interview in front of the endorsement committee.  She added that we ask the candidates to pull petitions, at least, by the interview.

Dan Ticotsky added that we have the 2007 Council questions that we can use for the 2009 race.

Freeman McNeal will look for 2007 questions to be used for the 2009 school board endorsements.

Tim Burke added that we will have a Campaign School in April of 2009.

Petitions will be available at the next CDC meeting for both School Board and Council.  Shawn Baker will provide blank petitions for candidates to be completed at the meeting.

In conclusion Dan Ticotsky stated that the Council and School Board endorsement process should begin in two weeks from meeting date.  Also, that all interviews be completed by April 2009.  The next CDC meeting will be held on Saturday, May 16at 9am.  At this meeting the CDC body will vote to approve the endorsements and the CDC bylaws.  Dan added he will secure a location for the meeting and that it gives us a timeline and deadline for endorsements.

The Executive Committee agreed that if the Bylaws Committee cannot agree on the final draft, they will provide the Executive Committee a few options for approval by the Executive Committee; that draft will be taken to the full body.

Ward Chairs in Hamilton County, outside of the City of Cincinnati have agreed to count the votes at future CDC meetings.

Clarification of the Ohio State Party being the chartering agent, underneath being the Hamilton County Democratic Party, and then the City’s Democratic Committee under the County’s Party was explained.

Darren Tolliver moved to adjourn the meeting.
Freeman McNeal seconded the motion and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14pm

Respectfully submitted by Shawn Baker, Secretary of the Cincinnati Democratic Committee

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CDC Meeting Minutes | Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by Freeman McNeal, Co-Chair of the CDC.  

He led the members in a silent prayer, and then the Pledge of Allegiance.

Freeman indicated that all precinct executives needed a name tag and a blue sheet in order to vote, and asked them to sit in a specific area to assist in the vote count.

He also indicated that petitions were being circulated by various candidates.

He then introduced the current officers of the CDC.  His Co-Chair, Aryeh Alex could not be there; Treasurer Thomas Schuermann, Secretary Barbara Myers, and Vice Chairs Sha Ron R Wilson, Dan Ticotsky, Tom West, Greg Matusak (who has moved and is no longer serving), and Lynn Worpenberg, who also could not be there.

He then began to describe the process for the election of new officers.  He referenced the CDC By-Laws which indicate 1 Chair, 5 Vice Chairs, 1 Secretary and 1 Treasurer.  There was a question raised by Tim Burke as to whether individuals could run as Co-Chairs.  The Co-Chair made a ruling that if 2 people asked to be nominated as Co-Chairs, the nomination would not be accepted because of the by-laws.  Tim Burke challenged the ruling of the Co-Chair and made a motion that if 2 individuals can be nominated together as Co-Chairs.  The motion was seconded by Tom Lukens.  There was a spirited discussion on this question and also as to whether or not the motion was allowable.  Reverend Newberry indicated that he felt the motion was out of order.  The question was called, and passed, indicating that the motion would be voted upon. 

The motion was re-read by the Secretary, and the vote conducted.  The motion passed. 

Co-Chair McNeal then introduced the Honorable Dwight Tillery, who conducted the election.  Current officers stepped down for the process.

First nominations were fielded for Secretary.  Shawn Baker’s name was put in nomination.  During nominations for Treasurer, Barbara Myers’ name was put in nomination.  For the 5 Vice Chairs, nominations were Sha Ron Wilson, Harriet Russell, Roscoe Fultz, Tom Schuermann, and Martha Good.  For Chair, nominations were Freeman McNeal, Reverend Newberry, and as Co-Chairs, Dan Ticotsky and Catherine Barrett.

Each candidate had 3 minutes to talk to the group, after which elections were held.  During his presentation, the Reverend Newberry withdrew his name from nomination. 

The vote for Secretary, Treasurer and the 5 Vice Chairs was unanimous.  During the

The Co-Chair of the 3rd Ward, Rev. Don Newell, asked for a moment of silence for the daughter-in-law of Shirley Frazier, his Co-Chair.  The vote for Chair went to Co-Chairs Dan Ticotsky and Catherine Barrett, with the vote being McNeal 19, Ticotsky/Barrett 47.

The new officers then took their places.  Co-Chair Ticotsky asked for volunteers for various nominating committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Barbara K Myers
Secretary, CDC

CDC MINS 2.4.09
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